Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!

Sorry for not staying on top of this blog. Iris and I have been gallivanting all over the place spreading the word about VetDogs and The Guide Dog Foundation.

UPDATE: as of last Friday Iris was 12 in the national polling for the HeroDog Awards. Please take a moment to go vote today if you have not already done so. The link is We have about 4 weeks or so to jump to the top.

We just finished up with a radio interview that will be aired tomorrow I will attempt to link that to our FaceBook pages and will put it on the webserver in time also. Here is the link for the to media files.

I got a new camera last week so we all know what that means. Yes more pictures of Iris and the family so here is one of the more recent of Iris that I love. Iris

SO next week Iris and I will be in NY at the Guide Dog Foundation for Council training so updates will be short and sweet. Be sure to follow our Facebook pages for the most updates. The week after we will be down in Manhattan doing an interview for PBS. As I know more I will update.