Saturday, February 14, 2015

Thoughts on Government Plans

When I woke up this morning I found myself looking at an email from one of my many email groups that I belong to dealing with Veteran Issues.  As many know I try to stay on top of issues so I can help others through the minefields the Government puts out there for our veterans to navigate while attempting to get medical care, education benefits and other issues that our veterans have to deal with on a regular occasion.

Believe me when I say that some of the proposed bills and letters that I see pass through my computer are enough to raise my blood pressure a few points. I am not a person that feels the country owes me anything nor am I one that wishes I could have everything I ever wished for.  I am a realist and understand that nothing in life is free and I am not likely to get the same care as a corporate CEO because I have not ever held that position.

What I have done is served in the military where I was injured and medically retired after 15 years of service.  I did not want to have to use the VA system for care and in fact was able to use my Tri-Care benefits for the first 8 years after my retirement while I was still able to work and hold a job down. When my civilian doctors advised me that I must stop working or I would end up in an early grave I finally had to seek out the help of the VA.  This was not an easy decision mentally and in fact put me into such a case of depression that I became suicidal. I have since found out that this is a very common issue for veterans and in fact is so real an issue that over 23 suicides a day happen with our nations veterans currently.

This brings me back to the reason for this blog issue.  I was forwarded a 26 page pdf file that come out of the VA system that really should require a law degree to read. Personally I am sure the legalease is so misunderstood by me that I probably have not grasped the true extent of the document. What I think it is saying is a travesty if it is true. Currently I know there is a means testing process for many veterans to use the VA system but when I read this document it sounds like they are suggesting that they need to expand the means testing to even more of the veterans. So Any Veteran with a nest egg or money saved could be denied services because they happen to have their own money to pay for medical treatment or pension taken away because they have other money.

I did not join the Army to have VA benefits. I actually did not want to use the VA and felt terrible when my situation got to the point when I needed to use the VA. The fact that our Government treats those of us that use the benefits as if we are thieves looking for ways to clean out the coffers of the system is something I find hard to comprehend. Everytime I go for an appointment and then go to the travel office after the appointment, I am forced to look at a sign telling me that I will go to jail if found guilty of travel fraud for my $17. payment while I think of the millions the heads of the VA get for bonuses.  People wonder why there are so many veteran suicides take a look at the hoops we make our wounded and injured jump through.

Here is a link to the Document I am referencing please feel free to read it over and explain it to me.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I have not been blogging much due to medical issues but I couldn't pass this up.  Please take the time to follow up and I promise you this is worth it on so many levels.

On another note more blogs will start flowing soon.