Sunday, January 24, 2016

OK Here we are in 2016 hard to believe that I have not written in the blog since November of 2015 but alas we are talking about me. No excuses just been busy and well life happens.  As you can tell from the Pictures posted at the top of the blog My Son Daniel married the love of his life in November. What a time was had by all. The wedding was beautiful and Mike and I even got dressed up for the glorious event. Yes we are very proud of both of them and wish them the best as they move on as a pair.  They are amazing together.

The holidays were a tad stressful for Mike and I and had us slowing down a bit compared to our normal full speed ahead attitude that we try to keep up.  I honestly do not recall what we did in the month of December other then ending up over Christmas in the hospital with a small medical problem. After a few days of hanging out spreading holiday cheer they finally decided they had enough of us and released us back to terrorize the rest of the community. 

Mike did wonderful in the Hospital setting and actually was a great test model for the ADA seminar we were asked to help out with in Jan at the same hospital.  We had a great turnout to this event and it was a great way to give back to the community and share with them how great they were when Mike and I were hanging out with them.

So now that we are starting to feel back to that 100% mark that we enjoy we are looking forward to getting busy and hopefully warmer. We have been invited to do some events in Florida and along the way in getting down and back. To say that Mike and I are looking forward to getting away from the snow would be putting it mildly. After being stuck in the snow last year with the camper stuck behind a snow bank till mid April we do not want that to happen again. 

Just recently the State of New York honored all Service Dogs by naming the service dog the official dog of New York. Mike and Myself were there at the state capital for the opening day of the legislature to accept a proclamation on behalf of all service dog teams.  This was such an honor, Time Warner Cable was there along with the History Channel to document this day's event. Not only did Time warner do a very nice news story for their News Channel 1 station in the Albany area they employees banded together and raised $6,000 dollars to donate to America's Vetdogs to name a Service Dog after one of the past leaders at Time Warner. Support from organizations like this is great and always great to help get the word out about how Service Dogs help Veterans. One of the Highlights of the day for me was to meet another veteran who had been trying to get a dog but her disability had caused here to give up the process and lose hope. When she left she had a renewed hope and was moving forward to get her application going.

It is always an honor to be able to help others and I am forever grateful that I have been allowed to get out there in the public and share how much both my service dogs have changed my life. It is not my story that counts but the story of how others are able to move forward and start to get their life on track that keeps me going. Now that my computer is back online and the snow is pushing me south hopefully I will meet new people on my adventures. God bless all.  The camper is on the truck so it will not get stuck behind any snowbanks this year hopefully. This is yesterday before the snow this morning we have about 8" out there and I am not looking forward to cleaning it off but hey that is all part of living in this part of the world right??