Thursday, March 15, 2012


What a device it is. Iris is very happy with her spring coat being thinner now that I broke out the furminator. Of course I am not writing about the furminator tonight but I love the sound of it. As a child I remember cool names and well this qualifies in my book.

Today was an interesting day. The day started off at coffee with the guys and ended in a long conversation with a close friend. Nice to be blessed with so many people in my life that have taken the opportunity to allow me to see them in different light.

The need to take life one moment at a time has many great results. Today I got into a discussion about meditation which is a subject I have always seemed to skirt around the edges of. Never really getting into the deep meanings of things just sort of going with the flow. Over time the need to take time everyday and allowing for nothing to distract would be my main method of "Meditation". You know that time where (taking from my time with Iris and her shedding due to the furminator) everything outside goes to the side and we allow quiet breathing to cleanse.

My life has been a fast paced tornado affecting many other lives over the years, now due to my medical issues have been reduced to a gentler wind. The much quieter winds of today still have affects on others in some ways even more than that tornado. Learning how to accept things as they are is one of those lessons that I still struggle with and I am ever grateful when I get a glimpse of the positive gifts that come when I least expect.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1st Post

OK I am going to try my luck at putting thoughts on this blog. What should I discuss guess that will come out. I will admit that I hope people will look and let me know what if any topics they would like to hear about.

For the most part I guess I will discuss life in my fast lane which is pretty darn slow at the moment. A few people have asked me why I do not write a book I guess this will give them their answer. ;-) I am sure that the topic of Iris wondering why she has to hang with me all the time will be an area that could actually be a great topic. She is the center of most conversations I have with people and truly is what puts a sparkle in my Eye. Guess whoever sponsored her for the name knew that she had eyes for me. Ok I know enough Iris puns righto.

So for today I will put out a number of areas that I might touch on of course I doubt I will limit the topics to just a small area but this will give me something to look at in the coming weeks to start me moving I hope.

I am sure the topic of the VA and my experiences with them will be a primary starting point. With that in mind a look at addiction of all types will probably come into play. Much of my life has been spent in some for of recovery or as I like to call it living life on life's terms. Might touch on some of the experiences I have been through in the military but I am not so sure that this would be a good place to publicly air that type of stuff.

If anyone has a better idea other than telling me to stop and never do this again I am open to hear them. As Walter Cronkite was fond of saying "And that's the way it is" Good night all and stay well.