Monday, November 24, 2014

Not just a thank you!

Veteran rant

I've been remiss in my blogging due to medical issues and for that I apologize.  Today I'm going to be going off the normal track and rant a bit on some of my thoughts on Veterans rights.  I'm amazed at the number of people that are aware of veterans issues now compared to the past years. Unfortunately the awareness has not led to a "mission accomplished" in fixing the homeless or suicide issues that face our nation.

My rant is not really with these issues this is part of my mission as you all already know. My rant has more to do with the feeling that I get from some veterans of being owed special treatment and sometimes even a air of arrogance when dealing with civilians and their businesses.  Don't get me wrong I love a discount as much as anyone out there but to expect that a business owner will give me a discount because I'm a veteran is absurd in my eyes.  My feelings on the subject is that if someone is gracious enough to offer me something I should be grateful not just accept it as it is owed to me. 

I served this country for personal reasons not for accolades from the public. When someone approaches me and offers their thanks I'm uncomfortable to be honest. Watching the news and other sites around the country with all the stolen valor issues that come up nowadays I get annoyed but to be honest the only reason it happens is because of the respect that veterans are getting as a whole today. It is human nature to copy our heroes and today our heroes are real and wear uniforms so just like those little children growing wearing camouflage and playing soldier there will always be a few cowardly adults that look for adulation without the work especially when there's a free meal or a discount available. 

So what am I getting at here? As a veteran I can only speak for myself but I would ask all veterans to look within themselves and take inventory of how they are viewed in private and public.  Remember that just because we are not wearing a uniform any longer it does not mean that we don't have a responsibility to maintain the honor that we all learned as a member of a team while serving. Remember what made us special inside because service was special to me and that's why I served and continue to find ways to serve today. It is not because I'm looking for accolades discounts or anything else other than that something special inside of me. 

If this touches anyone great I hope that it renews the commitment to serve that we all have and that your able to find a channel such as the American Legion, VFW or some other civic organization that will allow you to teach others why and how to carry that message on to our young.

What path are you on? 

Here is the info on the fundraising page for VetDogs Attention: I have a Personal Fundraising Page for VetDogs Now! Please follow this link and make a donation to help another veteran like me get a service dog.