Thursday, November 5, 2015



Sorry to report that my computer has officially crashed with no life support able to bring it back to life. Because of that my blog has taken a hit for updates. Mike and I have been very busy with both personal and veteran issues. As I look for ways to get the word out about helping our nations veterans I can not help but be grateful for all of you that continue to help in so many ways.

This month Mike & I have traveled all over New England and New York. Many American Legion activities along with VetDogs speaking has kept me sane while on a personal note we prepare for my sons upcoming wedding. It is so hard to believe that my baby boy who I held in the palm of my hand what seems like yesterday is now an adult and getting married on Saturday. So many feelings rush through my mind as I write here but most importantly satisfaction knowing that he is a bright young man taking on a new role in life. Who knows I may be a grandfather in a couple years, God knows both Dan And Laura will make wonderful parents.

On the veteran front things have been ultra busy. Here in Northeastern CT we have a new coffee house setup to help veterans come to grips with being a civilian along with bonding together to help each other. Mike and I were even able to present to the group about life with a service dog and some of the other projects I have been blessed to help with.  I need to take a moment to mention the CT American Legion has been so helpful in getting the word out and financially supporting VetDogs. I've even had a chance to speak to state and national level legionaries over the past month.

America's VetDogs has published their monthly news letter and in that they have put together a video that was shot when I received Mike. Personally I don't ever think I can do this organization credit but to be able to part of spreading the word that veterans have a place to go for help is humbling. Check it out:

Well since this iPad doesn't allow me to edit and write as well as I would like I'm going to call it a wrap for this version. Remember that if anyone wants to get active please reach out to me and I will do my darnedest to help you find your niche. There is nothing more satisfying then helping another person without expecting anything in return. God bless.