Saturday, April 19, 2014

Iris leads the way!

The Wrap is Done!!!!!

We are so happy, it was a longtime coming and a lot of changes before it actually happened but it was worth it in the end.  I hope that everyone else likes it as much as I do.  Even more importantly I hope it gets the questions asked and people involved in helping other Veterans.  I already have had a number of people ask questions about it and make comments about it on the short trip up to the Cape this weekend.

So now that the wrap is done what is next you ask?  Well if you have read the past blogs you will have read that I am looking for a small enclosed 4 or 5x6 single axle trailer so that I can carry tables tents and chairs to be able to set up booths and stuff when I do informational shows.  I would like to get that wrapped also.  32 Signs is on Board to help with that also so all we have to do is find the trailer.

Some of you that have been following also know that I have been on the BOD (Board of Directors) of a Non Profit called VETS which is a Montana based 501c3 that is going to be a ranch designed to accept Veterans and other civil servants that are suffering from PTSD and TBI issues to come and spend time on a working ranch while receiving all the care needed to get back into the community.  That program over the past few weeks has made huge leaps in moving forward.  More information on that will be coming soon.

This is exciting stuff and will really put the word "Mission" to full use.  So if anyone is looking for a great way to help stem that current 33 veterans a day committing suicide this could be a huge focal point.  Please keep it in your prayers.

Yes I have been spending a lot of time at the doctors and will probably have a few more weeks where I have to do the same.  All I can say is not to worry it is not a big deal just my normal everyday type stuff going on and not worth focusing on at all.  We just have to keep moving on through it all and focus on the price which is to live a full and great life.  I thank everyone for their continued support.

This coming week we will be out on Long Island then down in Maryland for the VetDogs 5k Fundraiser.  It is not to late to get involved in that either as a sponsor of a runner or a sponsor of Vetdogs straight out.  I thank everyone for all the support through all the support on my page we are moving toward the goal of 20k and I hope to have to push it to the 30k mark before mid summer if all goes well. The link for that is

God bless and have a wonderful Easter.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Wrap up day

This is the wrap for the nose of the camper.  The camper was going down to 32 signs today and was to be done by Wed or Thursday this week.  That is now on hold for a bit while they finish up a rush order, the joy of being a discount job and a charity case.  To say that I am excited to officially unveil this is an understatement.  It seems that we have been talking about this project forever in one form or another so to be getting something done is amazing.  Many thank you's go out to Maggie Starr  for doing the artwork for the wrap she did an amazing job. It will be done soon just not sure exactly when yet.  Hopefully before the 5K in Annapolis the end of the month.

This week Iris & I will be up at the American Heroes Hockey Challenge this event should be a great time for all who come out.  I know we've been waiting to get the Warriors up to the Northeast for sometime now.  Hope to see a bunch of people out there to support both the olympians and our nations warriors.

As always here is the info on the fundraising page for VetDogs Attention: I have a Personal Fundraising Page for VetDogs Now! Please follow this link and make a donation to help another veteran like me get a service dog 

Friday - Iris and I will be down at the Charlestown Breachway for the opening weekend of the campground.  Rumor has it that the shipwreck is showing during low tides so come on down and visit.  I am looking forward to just having a relaxing time after a long winter away from the beach and ocean. With the new camera to replace the stolen one I am hoping that I can get some mojo and capture some great shots.  I know I am looking forward to working at it at least.

For those that do not follow me on FaceBook, the newest plan to help with the travel and speaking on Veteran issues that I do has started to take shape.  I am looking for a used working condition covered 4x6 single axle trailer for a deal. I can not afford a new one at this moment. I am thinking of using it to carry the show on the road. Someplace to put the chairs tables generator and spare extras along with the canopies. Figure I can get this wrapped next to go with the wrap on the nose of the camper being done this week. So if anyone see's a deal out there please let me know.  The picture here is an idea of what I am thinking about.

For those Truck Camper folk out there, a bunch of TC's will be circling the wagons so to speak out on the good ole Cape Cod.  It's not to late to grab a reservation at the Scusset Beach State Reservation I am in Site 30 for Fri and Sat night.  Should be a lot of fun meeting new people and I already know that a bunch have become supporters of America's VetDogs and other Veteran issues.  Actually seems the camping community as a whole has a large number of veterans in it.

Thank you all for following our travels.  Please feel free to suggest ideas or ways to help get the word out to our veterans out there that are struggling before it is to late.   As always if you would like to have Iris and I come out to an event in your area let us know and we will try to make it happen.

As always here is the info on the fundraising page for VetDogs Attention: I have a Personal Fundraising Page for VetDogs Now! Please follow this link and make a donation to help another veteran like me get a service dog