Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Late post from Chicago

Well Iris and I are sitting in the Marriott downtown Chicago waiting for or ride over to speak at NCMS convention. This group of security professionals have decided to make America's VetDogs their charity cause for this year. Wells Jones and myself will be speaking to the entire group first thing this morning then doing handshakes the rest of the day till a dinner tonight. They put on a nice social last night and many of the individual groups from around the country also want to do something autonomously which we hope to help facilitate while we're here this week.

Many of the members and leaders of these groups are past military and work very closely with the military now so it was a great fit for their organization they told me in our discussions last evening. This is a wonderful way to get groups involved as a whole and makes it easier on individuals also so if anyone out there knows of organizations that might be interested in sponsoring a puppy or naming a puppy vetdogs does a real nice job of tracking that dog through the process and even facilitates a meeting if you want with the recipient veteran upon graduation. I know the grads in my class really enjoyed meeting all the people that helped make getting our dogs possible.

On another note, Iris and I will be heading north into the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire when we return to the east coast. So next weeks entry will hopefully have picture again. In the meantime here is one from the super moon enjoy all!

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