Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rested and Recovered

As always here is the info on the fundraising page for VetDogs Attention: I have a Personal Fundraising Page for VetDogs Now! Please follow this link and make a donation to help another veteran like me get a service dog like mine.

Ok so I admit it, I am not a young pup any longer. So after the Legion trip I was in need of some serious relaxation time. I took that time down in RI at our favorite beach camping place. Charlestown Breachway.

As you can tell Iris was having a good time relaxing with me. We did of course hand out all sorts of info on VetDogs. You would be amazed at the number of people that want to know more about service dogs in general. Of course I am sure there were a few that were also missing their personal pets and wanted to hang near our site in hopes of a quick kiss from Iris.

The weather was great during the day with enough wind to keep the pesky mosquitoes away and the evenings cooled down to provide some of the best sleep I have had in a very long time.

Now that we are home again and I have computer access I will get back on Facebook and Twitter in hopes of getting the word out again. The break was great but I am ready to get on the road that is for sure. One thing for sure that I was able to figure out while relaxing was I am definitely doing what I enjoy and also that I am doing good by others. 

I have no planned trips scheduled for the next week. I am hoping to head to South Carolina for the VetDogs 3rd party Fundraiser being hosted down there as long as all goes well. The Wounded Warrior Hockey Game that I was also invited to has been changed so that will not be happening this month but I promise to get down to the DC area for a game this year.

Newport RI and a couple projects like Grillie and a student article being done will hopefully be on the schedule very soon. I also have a trip scheduled to speak at a school in CT along with a Prison visit for the new prison program coming to CT sometime in the near future. My future is very positive and I am sure that I have forgotten some events especially the ones that I know are coming up for 50' Closer where I will be doing photo work for them while watching my amazing son pull and push really heavy things. Yes I am a proud father!

Here are the latest hot off the press pictures of the artist rendition of the upcoming wrap. The text will be changed to fit based on true size and placement needs. Also the kphyfe.blogspot.com address will be changed to kent.VetDogs.org which will take people directly to the donation page I have. From there I will make sure there is a link to the blog and other pages so people can also follow the travels of Iris and I. 

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