Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1st Post

OK I am going to try my luck at putting thoughts on this blog. What should I discuss guess that will come out. I will admit that I hope people will look and let me know what if any topics they would like to hear about.

For the most part I guess I will discuss life in my fast lane which is pretty darn slow at the moment. A few people have asked me why I do not write a book I guess this will give them their answer. ;-) I am sure that the topic of Iris wondering why she has to hang with me all the time will be an area that could actually be a great topic. She is the center of most conversations I have with people and truly is what puts a sparkle in my Eye. Guess whoever sponsored her for the name knew that she had eyes for me. Ok I know enough Iris puns righto.

So for today I will put out a number of areas that I might touch on of course I doubt I will limit the topics to just a small area but this will give me something to look at in the coming weeks to start me moving I hope.

I am sure the topic of the VA and my experiences with them will be a primary starting point. With that in mind a look at addiction of all types will probably come into play. Much of my life has been spent in some for of recovery or as I like to call it living life on life's terms. Might touch on some of the experiences I have been through in the military but I am not so sure that this would be a good place to publicly air that type of stuff.

If anyone has a better idea other than telling me to stop and never do this again I am open to hear them. As Walter Cronkite was fond of saying "And that's the way it is" Good night all and stay well.

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