Monday, July 7, 2014

New Title, Same Mission & some rants

Here is a link to a great link for Iris and hopefully the VetDog Programs Awareness.  Torklift Hero Program

As the summer months finally take hold and heat up it is good to remember that we are not alone out there.  Having just weathered our first hurricane of the season I hope it is not a sign of the season to come.  The storm itself was not bad at all for this area but the turmoil of the timing and earliness in the season just seemed to get everyone around us into a state.

There was a lot of noise about fireworks this year, I normally do not sound off on feelings about issues like this but for some reason this year I feel the need to.  I personally do not care for fireworks, that does not mean that I want to ban them and hope that everyone would stop firing them off because I don't care for them.  When my kids were younger I even made a big deal out of taking them to the biggest shows we could find because they deserve to enjoy the pastime of the 4th of July's we all grew up enjoying.  My dislike for them is personal and therefore I deal with it on a personal level.  As an animal lover & a service dog user I see first hand the way many animals react to fireworks also.  I would ask that each and everyone of us out there take special care of our 4 legged friends out there during the times we Americans celebrate our freedoms.

Enough of the soap box.

There are so many opportunities to serve our fellows coming up in the next few months.  Personally I find Iris and myself getting more involved with the American Legion here in Eastern CT.  Post 111 in Woodstock to be exact.  This small post which resides in a historical one room school house off the green near the fairgrounds is a great little post.  We are looking to grow the post with new members so if you want to learn more about us come visit us on the 3rd Wed of every month for our meeting.

This weekend coming the Ct State Department American Legion Convention will be going on.  I have volunteered to help where I can with the States Website.  Web Design is not my specialty that is for sure but having a warm body willing to do work is better sometimes then having people that are great at what they do with no desire to do it.  There is also a Post 111 FaceBook page please go check it out and like it.  

For those of you that have followed this blog for a while you probably noticed I have a title for the page.  It may not be the final name but I am working on making a change and growing things a bit here.  Up until now I have been without any guidance or knowledge as to what I am doing here.  Sort of one of those blind man walking in the middle of a black out, not even a blind leading the blind scenario.  I have run into a few people now that have offered to help guide me so hopefully the quality of the blog will get better soon.

So whats coming next for the dog days of summer.  Well the CT Dept Convention
is this weekend coming. 10-13 July.  Then Both my Children have Birthdays this month of July.  July 26th New Hampshire Strongmen and Women will be gathering to compete in the Granite State Championships which many of you might ask "why am I mentioning" well not only is my son Dan competing but this group not only has huge muscles but big hearts.  They have adopted America's VetDogs as one of their Charities so Iris & I will be there to cheer Dan and the rest of them on in there quest to move mountains and hearts.

Last but not least in the summer months I can tell you that I hope to get lots and lots of camping in. As many days at the beaches and forests as possible.  I am still on for the trip down to Charlotte, NC for the National American Legion Convention also.

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  1. I have to agree about your rant about pets and service animals when it comes to fireworks. I saw so many posts on facebook about dogs that freaked out and took off over the weekend because of the noise. Luckily (only when it comes to fireworks) I live in a fire prone area and fireworks are frowned upon. Most people are smart enough to not shoot them off for fear of causing a wildfire. So our dog is not subjected to the noise.

    Looking forward to seeing what changes happen with the blog. Keep up the good work and hugs to Iris.