Sunday, April 22, 2012

Busy Weeks or is it months?

Sorry for the delay in getting back to blogging. We (Iris and I) have been very busy. Other than that continuous drone of doctors and more doctors we have had a number of really neat things happening.

First off, UPDATE on the Hero Dog Contest. Iris is sitting in 15th place nationwide in the service dog group. This is one of the largest group categories and it's great to be in the top 15 but there is not donation made for 15th place to America's VetDogs. So I am attempting to learn new ways to get the word out without having to sell my blood or cutting off an arm.

I do not want to annoy people with reminders all the time but the only way to ask for votes is to ask for votes so I understand if someone blocks me or un-friends me but I hope people are able to help.

This morning I spent an hour plus going through different tweeter # and @ tags hoping to focus my future followers in the news and radio groups to follow and get the word out about Iris and the Hero Dog Awards. Time will tell as to how well this avenue works. I can say that in the past couple weeks I have gone from a couple followers on Twitter to having 46 at this moment. From talking to people that is a pretty good jump in followers. If anyone knows of opportunities out there for Iris & I to get the word out a shout out would be greatly appreciated.

On that note I will be involved in a number of public events over the coming few weeks. I was contacted by EastConn which is an alternative educational school in Northeast CT, to come in and speak about life with a service dog. I am really looking forward to this because sharing with the youth of America is something that can truly change lives. I will let you all know how that goes once it happens.

Next Sunday Iris and I get to go back to Smithtown NY to take part in a Lions Club dinner. This is a America's VetDog appearance were we will be representing the Foundation and VetDog's so hopefully I will not embarrass them to much. Being asked to be a part of any event is always an honor but being asked to come and speak for the Guidedog Foundation and America's VetDogs is something I could never see myself turning down. They have done so much for so many veterans out there that now live product happy lives because of being paired with their own service dog.

Last week, Sat the 14th we were asked to come to Smithtown to partake in an interview with Bodega Studio's for a documentary that will show how these amazing dogs change lives. I was very humbled to be asked to do this and actually shocked that I was able to pull it off without tears flowing while speaking about the changes in my life. Bodega Studios has traveled all over to speak to other veterans that have received dogs through other trainers also but in my opinion probably has never seen a facility like the Guide Dog Foundation & America's VetDogs has hidden away in Smithtown, NY on Long Island. Hopefully this documentary will help other veterans who have been faced with the tough times that happen when service ends and living as a civilian begins.

Now that we have cut our teeth on speaking and filming we are hoping to get noticed by the local news stations as a story. Getting seen is the best way to get votes. So yes now that the updates are gone here is the link to go vote again today tomorrow and every day till voting closes in June 2012.

As seen on many links on FaceBook and Twitter:

Northeast CT has one of the finalist in the Hero Dog Contest. Iris is a Rescued Lab mix that is teamed with me to help me with seizures and hearing issues. Last week Iris and I were interviewed by Bodega Studios for a new Documentary about Dog's of Honor. Please help bring a win to CT and America's VetDog and help other disabled veterans be able to restart their lives. Check out her voting page  where you can vote every day.

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