Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trials and tribulations

OK I know I was going to actually "try" to post on a regular bases but that just has not been possible so I will go for the when I can method of posting.

The past couple weeks have been full of great times and of course the perpetual medical visits. A week ago I was honored with a phone call from the Guide Dog Foundation Alumni Council asking if I would be willing to apply for the open spot. What an honor for me and Iris to be asked. For me it was and still is something that I would really enjoy being a part of. The Guide Dog Foundation & America's VetDogs has done so much for me that I would do anything to help spread the word and help others to find out about that great life one can have because of a service/guide dog.

The process included having to apply in writing with a resume and cover letter. Been so long since I have had to do anything like that I will admit I was a bit overwhelmed at first. Lucky for me I found a resume from my old life and did a new one that I hope showed life since Iris. The cover letter was the hardest and easiest part for me. Iris has done so much for my attitude about life that discussing that is easy, I did however want to discuss life before Iris and why she had changed my life completely. That was not an easy subject to broach because to put those dark times on paper is definitely an ego deflation.

Tomorrow I get to do a conference call with board members and whoever else they decide on to interview me. This should not be all that hard for me since I am a social person and enjoy talking about Iris. If I do well who knows maybe I will be selected to be on the council.

Today is April 1st which also means that Voting has started today for the Hero Dog Awards. I hope that everyone out there can vote for Iris. Here voting page is and you can vote once a day until Jun. Iris is definitely a hero to me. She even had another opportunity to show off her abilities yesterday keeping me company in the ER yet again. I really wish that I would not have issues but to have her there for me during the uncomfortable times means so much. (I am home now but will admit that I am still rather toasted.)

OK So please if you FB Tweet or any other social media please spread the word about Iris

Thank you

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