Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Great time to be alive!

Here we are again only two days later then I originally planned to publish this weeks blog. I will admit that the reasons for not getting it out on time are completely acceptable on my scale of reasons for missing my self imposed deadlines. I was camping with my wife and Iris out on a deserted beach in RI. So as much as I want to share the adventures if I am in the middle of them I will not stop them most likely to write.

The past week has been a busy week for me.

Of course last weeks blog we discussed the Annapolis 5k race for America's VetDogs, since then I have received some more pictures from a great professional photographer who specializes in pet photography. She is married to an active duty Navy Flyer and wants to let any veterans and active duty people know that if they want professional pet work done, give her a call she will volunteer her services. Can't beat that if you ask me. Her name is Bonnie Grower and her web address is check it out. Here are a couple of shots she took while at the event.

Last Friday and Saturday I was asked to take part in an informational day with the Carroll Center for the Blind in Newton MA. I was up there with another Graduate from the Guide Dog Foundation which is the parent organization of America's VetDogs. The two of us were there to discuss training, use and many other aspects of guide and service dogs to the disabled communities. The event was a fund raiser for the school itself but the exposure for both The Guide Dog Foundation and America's VetDogs was excellent and well received. We gave out lots of handouts and hopefully raised awareness and created new potential donors for these organizations. We had so many people completely taken by Iris & Tom the other guide as we demonstrated the uses of these dogs in everyday life. Here is our morning setup before the crowds took over.

OK that should be enough for this week hope everyone enjoys our posting. If you want more or less please drop me an email at and I will try to my best to tailor this to give you all what you want. Remember this is the month that Memorial Day fall's in if your school or organization would like to have a veteran or active duty service member come speak please don't wait till the last minute before asking. I know that Iris and I love to go out and speak when asked but our schedule gets busy early.  

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