Monday, May 20, 2013

Wrapping things up

Ok so that is a bad title but I have never been one to leave a bad pun alone. Iris and I will be leaving CT on Wed for a trip to Smithtown, NY the home of The Guide Dog Foundation & America's VetDogs. We will be sitting down with the folks down there to discuss the plans and design for the camper/RV wrap. Because this organization has helped change my life and so many other veterans lives the last thing I would want to do is start this campaign on a sour note with them by doing something without their input.

The Great news though is that this means we are moving forward and the dream of having a moving billboard that constantly makes everyone aware of the needs of our returning veterans is one step closer. After a long phone call with the marketing folks they came up with some great ideas. Some of those ideas should really help things along as far as getting the message out and allowing people to track the travels we do.

Already the Livin-Lite Company "http://" has already posted information about the camper and America's VetDogs in the testimonial section of their website along with highlighting our travels on their facebook pages. I have personally had many emails coming to me asking questions about the camper the travels and Americas VetDogs. This is such a great feeling to have that pull of being a part of something that is going to do great things for so many people.

Some of the ideas that are coming out of the brainstorming are a follow page that will be better at informing everyone what is happening then this personal blog currently does. On that page there will be a way to make donations and see goals that we will set up. Personally tracking the financial side is more than I am interested in but the being able to have peoples comments and stories could really be something in my opinion. The financial stuff is great because I do not have to do any of it so I can focus   on spreading the message.

I have had two professional photographers offer to get shots of Iris and I doing stuff so hopefully we will get more then just the camera phone shots up sooner than later. Thank you to Maggie and Bonnie for the offers and watch out I know that Iris is a great subject but getting a shot of me that doesn't break your lens is going to be a challenge.

Just so you know that Iris and I are traveling still we spent more time down on the beach while the pre-season is still keeping others away and also made it up to the lower mountains of New England for some nice walking and relaxing. With the trip out to the Island this week we will work on a few of the trip plans for the summer and holidays. I know that we have had request from SC, NC, DE, MI, MT, and TN so far for us to come visit. I also have been in contact with the person who raised Iris after she was rescued from the pound while she was at UGA which got me to thinking that I would love to visit the puppy raising program that UGA so graciously does for the Guide Dog Foundation. I have a relative that had a daughter just graduate from there and her comment was that she thought that the dogs were only for Blind people. It would be great to let them see that the graduation rate on dogs has been increased because dogs can now be placed as service dogs or guide dogs.

So many topics so little time. I guess I should wrap it up ASAP (I know another terrible pun)! I thank everyone for their support and please pass the word about what I am doing so that we grow this mission. Prays to all of you and I hope to see you on the road soon.


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